On November 16, 2021 Mikael Nermark would have turned 51. He was a 50-year old with a lot of life left to live. Unfortunately, cancer is something that affects many of us in one way or another and in this case, it has taken Mikael away from us far too early. From his passing it has become apparent just how many out there who knew and respected him, especially in the Games Industry, where Mikael had worked actively for decades. We are grateful for every word we’ve read about him in your memories. It’s been clear that Mikael’s presence made an impact, was felt and remembered from the first instance you met him.


We are a group of friends and family who would like to honor Mikael’s Legacy: Maeva Sponbergs, Pelle Sunnerot, Christofer Sundberg, Per Strömbäck, Anna Holdosi-Simon, Kristofer Hedberg, Andrew Siozon and honorary participant representing the family, Malcolm Nermark

We would like to pay tribute to Mikael’s legacy of relationships created all over the world and honor his wish to make a lasting impact through charity. In recognition to Mikael’s long standing work in the games industry, we have called on games industry peers to participate and contribute a product to a Humble campaign. More than 10 companies answered the call, donating 12 products all in all for a 100% charitable donation to The Swedish Cancer Society (Cancerfonden).

The campaign will go live on February 4, 2022 and will run over two weeks.

Pledging for the February 2022 campaign is now closed, but if you have any other good ideas or thoughts, don’t hesitate to reach out!

We hope to have direct donation possibilities during the same timeframe as the Humble campaign will run.

The donations for the February 2022 campaign will go to Cancerfonden.


This campaign initiative is done solely and 100% based on donated time and means by those involved. We will do our outmost to responsibly find the best target organisation to donate to in close collaboration with Humble and follow their guidelines and due diligence.

While we appreciate any amplification and pledges, we do reserve the right to decline a pledge. We also ask anyone amplifying to please respect the spirit of the campaign and stay true to its original intent.